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Sex On a Monday


While talking with some of the girls over our standard chips, guac and margaritas, the subject of sex came up. What a surprise! Women sitting around talking about sex. The sex they’re getting, should be getting or are not getting, always seems to end up as a topic of conversation. Because, as women, we need to dissect everything. The good, the bad and even the indifferent. We want to talk about it all. Oddly enough the ones that seem to want it all the time are my single ladies. They are always horny, but I digress. This evening we were all married and talking about how we were all too exhausted to even think about sex. Between the kids, careers, charity events, and domestic responsibilities, everyone just seemed too tired to have sex at the end of the day. So I proposed an alternative. Sex in the daytime. The room got still. “Sex in the daytime, who has time for that”, one friend spoke up.

‘Well we do”, I said. ‘Mondays after drop off.” Mouths hit the floor. “What about work?”,  my girlfriend blurted out. I explained how everyone has to schedule their own time. A time that works for them and their spouse.  But the main thing is to carve it out! We have a routine, plan, a schedule, whatever you want to call it,  just do it. You better make time because your man WANTS IT! Mondays work for us as a guaranteed day to reconnect because my husband travels on the weekends. Any other day we can fit in after that is gravy, literally. LOL.

It’s not easy convincing men to schedule sex, I know, because they want everything to be so spontaneous. In the end, after they realize that the more our bodies do it the more we crave it, they’ll get with the program and realize that this sex on a Monday can lead to a lot more sex during the week. Who knows, they may even luck out and get some on a Saturday night!. No promises,  just a little hope for the future. 😉

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