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Bitchy Woman


As women we are a very different species when it comes to dealing with emotions, obstacles or anything we see as standing in our way or threatening. We are highly intuitive creatures which can serve us well as the spiritual leaders of our own families. However having these highly developed senses can lead to a lot of misinterpretation and prejudgment on our parts as well. Have you ever heard the saying “if a woman were president there would be no wars just a lot of countries not speaking to each other,” well that’s my point. Men tend not to look at any social situation too deeply unless it is going to get them laid or put money in their pocket. Women on the other hand walk into a room sometimes with a whole lot of attitude about nothing for nothing.

Recently I walked into a room of women and I could feel the distain and judgment before I could even say hello. It was a birthday party for my child where there were a lot of women who knew each other but had never met me before. They all went to school together but we were family friends. An outsider at this party that was heavily attended by school folk. When I tell you if looks could kill I’d be dead or at least in a coma, I am not lying. I always try and give the benefit and think it’s in my head but when people turn their back on you when you walk into a circle I know I’m not crazy. I am normally in a group of women that empower and feel more like sister wives than mean girls but shit happens. So, what to do  I thought, “open your heart , have compassion and get the hell out of there as quickly as possible” I told myself. My philosophy now is, that toxic energy is just too detrimental to stay around and if people are really into misunderstanding you that is exactly what they will do. We women have so much power why not use it for good. Use it o embrace and empower because believe me I could have been a bigger bitch that day but why? How was that going to serve anyone. Seeing my kid so well adjusted and playing with new faces I decided to walk away and engage with the pleasant people at the party. There had to be someone who was like minded and interesting there right? As soon as I ignored the bad vibes and focused all my attention on the good I heard a savior from behind me. “Would you like something to drink? We have wine?” Bingo, I thought. Change your thoughts and you change your world. This might not be a bad party after all.

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3 thoughts on “Bitchy Woman”

  1. If only I could count the times I have felt that exact way. Intimidation, jealousy and protecting their territory. It would be their loss not getting to know such an amazing women as yourself. Take the higher ground and let them stay at the bottom. xx

  2. I hate when that happens! Jana’s right, they are just jealous or intimidated. Who wouldn’t want to get to know such a beautiful person inside and out!

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