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Dear Technically Challenged:

I feel you on this. I have a son who is a zombie for the electronic games as well. We don’t allow any of it during the week but weekends are tricky. I usually take it after an hour. Then we do some kind of outdoor activity, thankfully, he is heavily into sports. With the summer coming it’s going to get a bit tricky. My girlfriend recently gave me a good idea that she uses with her kids. We, the parents, start off the day with the phone or device. There is a list of things they must do in order to increase their tech time. The list ranges from a said chore to fun academic tasks like completing a crossword puzzle or reading a chapter from a book. For everything they check off the list they get their electronics for 30 minutes, then they must turn it back over to us. When they do something else they get it again for thirty minutes, and so on. In my eyes, sounds like a good way to get a lot of housework done this summer while I sit back and pop open the ROSE’! Let’s see how it goes!!


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