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Flying High

Flying High

I’ll start with this little news flash – flying isn’t what it used to be. I mean back in the 70’s, 80’s and even the 90’s, at least from the movies I’ve seen, you used to be able to board an airplane with an acceptable amount of weed hidden underneath your fur coat. Now I know I’ve seen way too many movies, BLOW specifically, but back then no one took off their coats, hats or shoes to go through security. All the airport and airline employees were respectful and kind to the customers. Travel was reasonable and, dare I say, alluring. Now fast forward to post 9/11 where we’ve all become rats in a cage. Gone are the days where one feels glamorous and relaxed while traveling. In fact it’s quite the opposite!

Recently I was on a Jet Blue flight (I’m calling them out because they were complete assholes), I mean really insufferable. These flight attendants have been given so much power that they feel like they can speak to you any kind of way about matters as simple as talking or chewing gum. For example, when I got in my seat the arm was broken and my television did not work. The not so bright head attendant refused to reset the system to restart my television because the majority of the passengers were not having this problem, it was just a few of us. Apparently you have to have a mutiny to get anything done. The seats didn’t go back, the flight left 3 hours late, and it was just a host of mishaps that unfortunately happen far too often. The point is that there was absolutely NO customer service and they get away with it in the guise of safety, which is complete bullshit. There is no safety issue involved in common sense, or maybe there is, but trust me if the plane goes down I doubt Mr. “I’m sorry I can’t be of any assistance” would be there to help. He’d be probably be in the back gossiping with a coworker or eating the last vegetarian meal. This practice of charging us a fortune to travel and then treating us like cattle has got to stop! I for one am going to march right down to TSA at LAX in my coat, shoes and eight ounces of liquid on me, just to let them know that this has got to stop!

Who’s with me?!

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  1. I haven’t flown Jet Blue in years but there’s nothing worse then a nasty flight attendant over doing their damn job or not doing their job. My beef always in flight is “if my pocketbook fits under the seat in front of me why the hell do I have to put it in the overhead on this flight??? I was allowed to do so on the other flight??? That shit gets on my last nerve. While I’m ranting… I can’t stand when folk fart on the planes. Go to the got damn bathroom nasty…

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