Kristen Bellamy

Holiday Hangover

Today was going to be a grind and I knew it. I could feel it from the moment my feet hit the floor in the morning. It was going to be one of those days. I had two choices – I could either choose to motivate or medicate, it was all up to me. These first few moments of awakened awareness were going to be crucial to my psyche. What I talked myself into in the next 60 seconds would set the tone of my day. On this day, I would have to dig deep. There was no sleeping in, no presents when I opened my eyes. There would be no leftover ham and eggs for breakfast, this was definitely an oatmeal kind of day. This was a Holiday Hangover and it was one to be reckoned with. So I crawled out of bed, downloaded my motivational CD’s and got to work. I’ll admit at first it was difficult, I just kept going over all the things that “had” to be done. I think sometimes the pressure that we put on ourselves is the worst. It seems like I am always checking the seeds of planted dreams and determining that what I’ve accomplished just isn’t enough. But on this day I decided to ignore the pit in my stomach and proceed with faith.

What if I got out of my way and let the day play out without any resistance from my dark side? What if today was my best day so far? What if, what if, blah, blah ,blah. So, I decided to let it go and let it flow. Almost immediately, after surrendering, I was met with puppies playing, children laughing and so much life force around me that I chose the lighter side of me. It is so funny how a kiss from a loved one can turn it all around. Yes, the New Year is lurking around the corner daring me to dream all over again, so full of promise, but also filled with the unknown. That’s life, right? Although it is still very experimental to me, this getting out of the way and not trying to control everything all the time, I do see it working and I like it. I choose to nestle into the sofa with my kids and my coffee, and let the day unfold slowly and without anxiety. I find great comfort in being guided by my instincts and following my intuition. So it is with great pleasure I act on faith and welcome surrender knowing 2016 will not only be my biggest year of manifestation but an even greater year of self revelation.

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