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If you’re into sitting back on white sandy beaches, with blue skies above and a rum punch in hand this is the place for you. Half Moon Bay is truly the old crown Jewel of Jamaica. With over 60 years of history it resides in the parish of St James on the north coast of Jamaica. This charming resort sits on a private estate of 400 acres. The villa style living is their specialty with all ensuite bedrooms surrounding a shared living space and dining area. For larger groups the villas are truly the way to go, perfect for a couples retreat, girls weekend or a family vacation. Each villa comes with a housekeeper, a butler and your very own cook to whip you up that spicy, flavorful Jamaican fare.

The absolute highlight of our stay was by far the Fern Tree Spa at the resort. Every massage starts with a beautiful, flowery foot bath. I was tipped off about the delicious massage in the Overwater Spa Bungalows. After your tea and discovering all the aromatic essential oils (choose your delight) you are whisked away by your therapist to the beach where your private bungalow over the ocean awaits. No noise, people or Wi-Fi just pure joy and the sound of  waves splashing, which always puts me in a Zen state of mind. If you need more action there is golf, tennis, sunrise yoga and water-sports. This destination is perfect for the travel junkie. An easy Island ESCAPE!

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2 thoughts on “JAMAICA: AN IRIE ESCAPE”

  1. OMG, I’m so thrilled to see this island post, and I concur 100% ~ Half Moon Bay, St. James is one of my family’s favorite spots on the northern side of Jamaica! It’s also ideal for the entire family! Our kids thoroughly enjoy swimming with the dolphins at Half Moon’s natural Dolphin Lagoon!
    Keep up the good work Kristen! I look forward to your weekly posts.

  2. I am so happy to read this post! Jamaica is my absolute favorite Caribbean island! The people, the food, the music, the ocean, the smell of burning sugar cane. In my opinion, no other island comes close to the special vibe that Jamaica has.

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