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Mating Rituals


Can we all have a moment of silence for that mind blowing, earth shattering sex we had before kids, mortgages, and dogs? Well, let’s just say before kids. What made me think of this was my son busting in on me and the husband. I believe sex always takes on a different tone when there are kids or grandparents in the house. That’s why vacation sex is the best, but since the kids do reside with us on a regular basis the theory of sex with kids in the house must be tested from time to time. It starts out all playful and fun in the beginning but then inevitably something will happen, like kids fighting or arguing. Just when you think the coast is clear, when everyone should be fast asleep, there will be the pitter patter of little feet going to the bathroom, or someone wanting to sleep with you. Which usually means right in between you and your potential mating partner.

In our case it was so early in the morning we assumed everyone was asleep when BAM! Someone shoots through the door like a ninja. Just when I had finally let my mind go to a place of peace and my body was about to explode, there it was. “I’m thirsty” my little ninja said. “Where’s daddy,” his eyes started to open wider. “He’s asleep under the covers” quick recovery. Whew. “I’ll meet you in the kitchen.” And with that I was up in a robe and down the hall getting water for everyone. By that time, it really was time to wake up and get breakfast started. When I went back to tell hubby “there’s was no way we could finish now, we’d have to revisit this later”, he really was asleep under the covers snoring like a bear, taking a power nap and getting ready to do it all again later.

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