Kristen Bellamy

One Man In A Lifetime


Recently my girlfriend and I had a night on the town. We decided to get dressed up and go to a fancy affair. This was a big step, seeing as our idea of girls night is sushi and jeans – if we make it out at all. So once we were out and in the swing of things we separated and were talking to other people getting into our social flow. After listening to all things fabulous from the masses, I was feeling quite prehistoric and boring like being married for 14 years had somehow sucked all the sexy out of me. They spoke with mad excitement about their recent divorces, and foreign travel with their new mistresses. It was all fairly shocking but it was real for them and left me feeling a bit like Wilma Flintstone. That is until a nearby conversation caught my attention. I walked up on my friend and overheard her talking with a woman. When I tell you it wasn’t your regular champagne cocktail chit chat, I mean it. She was telling my friend how she had never slept with anyone but her husband in her whole life and she was in her forties. I began to feel like a real racy chick after all, like maybe I had really lived. I had slept with let’s just say a few more than one man in this lifetime, and I could not even imagine the thought of not having the experience of living, and I mean really living, in my early and not so early years. Imagine one man in a lifetime! What does that even mean? Am I the only one who finds that odd? Variety is the spice of life and how do you marry someone without spending some time at the smorgasbord of life? After marriage, yes, monogamy is wonderful but how do you know if you’ve never even sampled to know what you do and don’t like? I don’t know why but that conversation left me baffled. I think I asked her so many questions by the time I was done she thought she was a science experiment. She was lovely and very happy with her choice so I saw it from her perspective and found comfort in the fact that maybe my 14 years was her lifetime. xx

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