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Privacy Wars

My patience for people standing on top of me in line is wearing thin. My patience for people cutting me off on the freeway is at zero. And my patience for telemarketers, well that’s been gone for years! You know what, let’s just say my patience for overall stupidity has been shot to hell and lately my inner peace is easily turned into an outer war.

So last week when I was in the grocery store, in a very long line, I was reading my text messages to kill time. To my surprise, there was this little, robust woman who decided to stand on the heel of my shoes and read them too, laughing right along with me. Well, what can I say, I kind of lost it. “Can you please back up off me lady” I growled. There is nothing worse than a person who doesn’t understand their space in relation to others and when they’ve crossed the line of that said space. To which she replied “well maybe if your font wasn’t so big, people in the frozen food section wouldn’t be able to read it!” Ok, so now she was confirming my blindness and calling me old? What has this world come to people? Is there no privacy anymore, anywhere? So what did I do? I did what any hotheaded person in this day of social media would do.  I proceeded to take a photo of her with my phone and post it on every social media platform I had at my disposal to document this abstract, uneventful, irritating moment in my life. So much for privacy. Now go tell the people in the frozen food section that.  HA!!!

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3 thoughts on “Privacy Wars”

  1. You Kill Me!! that is amazing. I am right there with you sister patience is definitely something I should be doing as a resolution, but it is a losing battle for me. I feel like the older I get the more idiots I am dealing with. I feel like I’m becoming that grumpy old person that bitches all the time.

  2. OMG, that happened to my at a Dallas Trade show in October. But you were a little nicer then me, I had to tell him to “back the f#$k up”! Not only was he on my arse listening to me chat with my clients but had the nerve to comment! I may be a nice chick but no damn push over when it comes to my space. Of course I had to apologize to my clients for my “rudeness” but they understood as they too thought he was with me, that’s just how close he was. Yes I live in NY now but goddamn it, give me my space to check my phone!

  3. Smdh, because i am post menopause and have been for 3 years now, my patience hormones has been depleted and sucked out of my body a long time ago! I am actually a great candidate for “Snapped” so at this point i am going to hold my thoughts and the graphics on how i would have handled that nosey biatch!

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