Kristen Bellamy

Dear Woman about to be married:

I personally do not think you should share any of the details of past relationships. I think that gets messy and the past should remain in the past. It’s a very dangerous game people play when they ask questions like “ how many people have you slept with, ” “was he good in bed” or any other personal history. What you’ve shared with someone before them is nobodies business. Now with that said there are exceptions. If you have any STD’s your new partner should know about or any children or babies mamas that may come knocking on your door you should fess up now before you’re caught in a web of lies. Otherwise, the usual predating and sexual activities are your business and the person you laid down with. As far as he’s concerned you may or may not be a virginJ

  all about the chemistry. I don’t really understand this online dating craze that’s going on, but then again I’ve been married along time. I feel like there is something that happens when you meet a person that makes you tingle allover and get those butterflies that are oh so real. That is a match that can’t be made on paper. Enjoying someone’s company of course is important but not enough to build a lasting relationship on. I would have to say if he’s interested in you physically you’ll probably have to dump him because he doesn’t just want to be friends and that’s frustrating. Sorry just being honest.

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