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Romance Me, Romance Me Not

Is it just me or is Valentine’s Day just a real pain in the ass? I feel so un-romantic saying it out loud, but it’s just another day, and this happens to be coming from someone who has a Valentine. The whole idea of feeling like there is one day of the year that we should be more loving and has more significance than any other day of the year is troubling to me. Why not let the love and the gifts flow everyday? I think our world has become way too commercialized and the older I get the more I rebel. Don’t get me wrong, I love LOVE, but I’d like my affection served spontaneously with passion and unprovoked thought. When I express this point of view most people look shocked because I am of the female persuasion and on the receiving end of the gifts. But just like the male is supposed to be the giver of gifts in this man-made holiday, it is the women who are expected to put out after the flowers, chocolates, wine and if you have a fancy valentine, your new diamond whatever. Which means squeezing into lingerie, thank you very much. For my taste there is just way too must expectation. It also makes all single women feel like shit about the state of their romantic life. Why should they be forced to shine a spotlight on the fact that they are unattached and feel bad about it? There is no escaping the nagging feeling that there are no flowers coming for you babe! You are alone!

Now, that said, I happen to live with the most romantic man on the planet and he thinks my attitude stinks. He always thinks about the day and comes correct, but I still feel like Valentine’s Day is just another economy boosting holiday for rookies.

I’d love to know how you all feel about VDAY! Romance, or no romance, now that is the question?

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2 thoughts on “Romance Me, Romance Me Not”

  1. Over-rated …although, this valentine’s, perhaps mister can be a LOVE and finally fix our trash disposal. .that’s way better than chocolate or a dozen roses…

  2. I get it! But, We have been married for 17 years and I have gotten flowers twice. I wouldn’t mind a beautiful boquette .However, I know that isn’t Stu’s way of showing his love for me. He is an amazing man and shows his love and want for me everyday, but , flowers… who doesn’t want flowers?

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