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Same New Me

New Years Day my daughter asked me a very poignant question, “Mom, what’s your New Years resolution?” My response was delayed, I really had to think about that. I know that we have all thought about this question, at some point, in a superficial way. We either wanted to be skinnier, richer, faster or smarter. We’ve wished for these things as if we were asking a genie in a bottle, assuming there was someone out there to put us back together again from the calamities of yesteryear when we were out there slaying dragons…. Or maybe that’s just me. The point is, we wake up a day later with only the number of the year changing and that really has nothing to do with how we feel inside. Most of us still feel the same. This is because in order to really change something we must first adjust how we feel in relation to the circumstance that we are faced with. This can be done any day of the year, any moment of your day if you really want to alter it. We don’t need a New Year to start change. What we need is the determination of a new mindset. If we keep creating the same experiences without challenge or growth, we will only get the same results in 2016 as we did in 2015.

Finally I responded to my daughter, “I don’t want to be a better mom or business woman or wife or yogi in 2016. I simply want new eyes to see the miracles that have been present all along and are available to me. I want to take time to be grateful for what’s in front of me. I want to enjoy the wonders that are in my life in the form of family and friends knowing that we have this beautiful life to uncover and discover together as long as we are fortunate to take another breath.”

So there you have it. I don’t want to be a better me in 2016. Why chase after some imaginary, more fabulous version of myself? I am enough. When we are always becoming we have no room to just be. So I am done striving. I’m coming into this New Year with my eyes and mind wide open and maybe, just maybe, my mouth and lips closed a little more tightly to talk less and listen more. I want to observe the beauty that is my life and your life and take one moment at a time and stop beating myself up about the past. I want to RISE, SHINE AND VIBRATE higher into my future. For all the riches in the world could be at your feet and if you haven’t even given thanks or looked up to notice them you can not receive them. So it is my wish to my HOLLYMOMBLOG family that we all fill our hearts with more gratitude and begin to gather our blessings and discover the prosperity that has been waiting for us all along.  NAMASTE.. and welcome to the NEW YEAR!

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4 thoughts on “Same New Me”

  1. I think having a resolution is great but, after the “new year” who really continues with it?? Having eyes wide open is a good one, let’s notice our surroundings ladies, help a friend in need, donate your time, open your heart and just be…be a better you! I challenge all of you to just be a better person.

  2. Well said hollymom and i accept the challenge donna! Each day i just want to focus on being a better me! The main problem these days is the fact that we are so quick to easily give up! We fail to complete the task/projects that we initiate to include relationships and marriages. We fail to see things through the bitter end. As for me, i just want to finish what i start!

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