Kristen Bellamy

Sometimes 40 Is Just Forty


Age will come, ladies. And with it comes a bevy of delights, oh yeah. I’m sure some of you know this already. For example, lack of energy, a hangover after only 3 glasses of wine and the newest little treasure, that gray pubic hair you just discovered while simply peeing. The latest one I recently discovered was a real treat, waking up with body aches for no apparent reason. Last week, before my eyes were even fully open, I felt a pain that startled me when I tried to move my leg. “What now” I thought. I swear I pulled my groin muscle before even standing up! Now, I think it came from my over zealous attempt at meditating for longer than usual, the day before, in the proper lotus position. Leaning heavily on the fact that “I’m flexible” from all that yoga I’m doing. Yeah right! As I lay there trying to think of a way to wiggle myself out of bed I thought, “what’s happening to my body? I haven’t even been awake 5 minutes and I’m crippled.” It got me thinking, can we really outsmart our bodies into thinking we’re young again, with green juice, fitness, and clean living? Is our destiny predetermined as to when we will go, whether we are vegans or carnivores? Does it add years to your life to not drink alcohol and to be gluten free, or are we just torturing ourselves? We all know that person who has never smoked, drank or had any random sex in their life, and died at 50. Then there’s Bob Hope, who smoked his whole life and died at the ripe old age of 100.

So the real question is….

If you could add years to your life by not consuming any bread, wine or cheese would it be a life worth living? Let’s ask a Parisian!

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