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Spot Jacked

Human nature is at best hilarious, but primarily our greatest teacher, don’t you think? People running around acting in dubious, self-serving ways, never thinking about their Karma, seems par for the course these days. So why when I was jacked for my parking space the other day was I so damn surprised? I felt stupid, conned, let’s just say it was one of my less than smart moments. I was sitting in my parked car, finishing up a phone call and waiting for my friend to go into a restaurant, when all of a sudden a man knocked on my window. He was parked in front of me on a busy street that didn’t have much parking, we had the last two spots. He asked me through the window if I could park somewhere else because his friend was waiting to jump his car and his battery was in the back. Well, not thinking, probably because I was on a call, I obliged and I moved. “No big deal” I thought. I never questioned the battery being in the back of his car, which was a beater. It was odd. As soon as I moved much further from my point of interest his friend swooped in and took the spot behind him and they got out of their cars and disappeared. There were no cables or car jumping going on. I was clearly scammed! Unbelievable. I was so pissed in that moment, that I can laugh about it now but at the time, I wanted to key his car. How could he make a woman walk and take her off her path so that he and his lazy ass friend could be closer to their destination? By the time my friend got there I was ranting and raving, so much so that I could have been picked up for disturbing the peace. But then something came over me and I just began to laugh at myself and the whole incident. Why was I upset? I had behaved in a compassionate, human and fair way. The fact that he was an asshole really had nothing to do with me or my future. It was just another test to show me that it’s never what happens to us but how we react, always.

I also couldn’t wait to write about him and post his license plate number and picture of his car in this article. But I’m showing restraint. Aren’t you proud?

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