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Spring Break



At a time when the whole world is on vacation, spring break, I found myself asking, “can’t we just stay home?”. Relax, release, unwind with no crowds or traffic. Now, I love to travel as much as the next girl. I’ve had the bug since I was very young, back then even a road trip was exciting. With age or maybe wisdom, I’ve come to realize with so much busyness in life, or what I like to call BWB (busy with bullshit), sometimes I’d just WANT TO STAY HOME. Maybe catch up on “House of Cards” or veg out to old “Sex In The City” reruns. Watch “A Star is Born”, The Barbara Streisand and Kris Kristofferson version, in bed while eating cheese and sipping wine. Maybe swim in my own pool and see what that feels like. So, I decided to experiment and not take my kids on a destination vacation. Actually use our home, and all it’s amenities as the destination. Wow, how would I break this to everyone?

So, I called a family meeting and told them my plan.

“Why don’t we stay at home, ride our bikes, go to the park,” I pleaded. “Have friends over, play charades, or bake a cake.” “We can have sleepovers”, I said with excitement. I even heard myself say “play kickball in the cul-de-sac”. All this was met with moans and blank stares. So…. I had a choice. I could either really engage and commit to my new plan or cave in to kid pressure. In a wild moment of domestic optimism and not really thinking things through, I stuck to my guns and we all stayed in town.

Well, after 2 weeks of being knee deep in all things mentioned above, with the added bonus of not being able to get any work done and my kids greeting me first thing in the morning with “I’m bored what are we going to do today”. Or, my favorite one of all time, “So and so’s in France”. I’m here to tell you that the next time my kids are out of school for more than a week I will be booking my family straight away in a room somewhere, far away from home at the beach, with a kids club, a hot waiter, and a bottle of Rose’.

Happy spring break, people!

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