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I am sitting here wondering to myself why is it never enough. Why, when I have beautiful, healthy children, a lovely home and a husband who loves me like a sex slave, WHY IS IT NEVER ENOUGH! I swear some days it feels like I will die of boredom. Not a car accident, or heart failure, or cancer, like most people, but just plain old fashion boredom.

That’s when it hit me. I realized that I could not possibly be the only woman feeling like this. There had to be other women out there feeling the same way. Women out there, who needed more than Starbucks and Tuesday night “datenight”, code for leaving your house without kids. They needed a sense of adventure too. A sense that there was meaning to this exhausting thing called parenting life. As I looked around my kids school campus at all the vapid moms one thing was clear, something had to be done. Was this my calling? Was I the one everyone had been waiting for to put an end to all this lifeless nonsense? Would my voice be the one to speak for all women?

Just then the bell rang and screaming kids were unleashed everywhere. It was painfully obvious that the daydreaming part of my day was over. Whatever mommy superhero I was hoping to become, had to be put on hold. This was definitely a topic that needed attention, one I must revisit again soon. And so, with my new change the world attitude, I wandered to my volunteer post, in science lab.

Excerpts from Diaries of a Hollymom

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