Kristen Bellamy

Wireless Impaired

I know many of you can relate to me when I tell you that I have a high level of distain for my cable company! It was the Sunday afternoon of the dreaded daylights savings adjustment. I had gotten up extremely early to make a brunch appointment with some out of town friends and our kids. So when it said 9am I truly felt that is was 8am and the burn was real. As I drove to brunch I reconciled myself with the fact that soon I would be home by 2 and cozied up to watch the new season of House of Cards on Netflix. I had given my kids strict instructions to not talk to me when we got home as it was my quiet timeout for the afternoon. Well, when we got home for some reason we had no Internet!!! I thought it was some terrible joke being played on me and so I started unplugging all things electronic until I finally succumbed to calling the dreaded never helpful Time Warner. Who then had me unplug everything all over again. Well, after 40 minutes of pure intolerable foolishness with a robotic idiot I gave up and got over my immediate dreams of bingeing on House of Cards. Oh the fun continued as they went on about how they would not send help or make an appointment because the router did not belong to them, which of course was a total lie that was figured out the next day when my husband (resident tech support) came home. At this point I was sure there would never be time for me to binge watch anything, as Monday was here at that point and time to myself was no longer on the table.

But I was not the only one inconvenienced. My daughter thought she might die when she could not FaceTime her friends for a full 18 hours and literally got up early, leaped out of bed to get to school an hour early just so she could have Internet. It was a complete mess with no one being able to live their normal wireless lives. The suggestion that we all sit in the den and read books fell flat. Which I realized was a sign of terrible parenting and now we are all required to have a book not related to school or work that we are reading purely for the joy of it. The lost art of reading and writing for pleasure needs to come back to this generation because I can’t even imagine what my house would be like if we lost power for a week.

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