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Yes, Please, and Thank you.


It’s so funny how we, as adults, project all of these rituals and sometimes funny behaviors on our children, or is it not? Last week I had the pleasure of seeing my son all dressed up in a suit when I took him to his first cotillion class. It was an optional activity that is supposed to give him the run down on manners and etiquette, and the timing could not have been worse! It was during his football practice, so he was pretty pissed at me. Let’s just say, it was something I let all the other mother’s talked me into on one of our overzealous lunches where we come up with our genius ideas about what we want to do for our kids and the Mommy trips that we plan and never take. We were a hot mess getting there as it started at 5pm on a Wednesday, UGH! Clearly the people who run this were not thinking about the 9 to 5 demographic.

When we got there I rushed him upstairs to the banquet room where all the kids were awkwardly standing there just staring at one another, however looking adorable all dressed up in their Sundays best. I stayed just long enough to hear that today’s lesson would be the art of conversation and how to keep it alive amongst your peers and, of course, the opposite sex. Maybe I should sit in on this I thought… So, I stayed and tried to be a fly on the wall until finally I was shooed away and forced to go down stairs to join the other moms. Luckily, most of the women I knew already and have a rapport with. It wasn’t long before I had a glass of rose in hand and began to  buzz around excited and exhausted all at the same time. Wine at 5 I thought, this is working for me. I’m actually killing two birds with one stone. Being “a good parent”, teaching my son some manners and drinking with my peers. After all I love multitasking. Then I thought, the amount of hens overseeing those little chickens always amazes me, and I felt like an overachiever if I must be honest. Surprisingly the hour flew by, my son had the best time with his friends and conversing with the ladies!

Only time will tell. We are only in the first quarter of the game. Let’s see as the spring roles around… I’m sure I’ll see a lot more drop offs and a lot less smiles about the timing… just maybe!

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