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Women are from Venus, Men are from.. Wherever.

Women are from Venus, Men are from.. Wherever.

I swear my husband tries to be helpful, but damn it man, sometimes men really do miss the mark! Example. We were having family and friends over for an end of summer bbq. I needed “Buck,” as we like to call him when he’s in full house husband mode, to go to run a few errands. My dad was in town, so I sent him with him. On the way home he calls me to say that he was at Smart and Final. “Huh?”, I responded, as that was not on his to do list and he is notorious for being an overzealous bulk buyer of nonsense. “Do you want me to pick up anything from the store” he asked. “No, I have everything I need, but since you have my dad could you pick up what he needs to make his famous peach cobbler?” “Then I won’t have to go out again.” “Sure, no problem” he said. Not twenty minutes later they get home and unpack the groceries. I ask my dad to make the cobbler early so it was out of the way and the men could be out of the kitchen. “I didn’t get the ingredients” my dad said. “WHAT!” I screeched. Then he started telling me how he was waiting for me to take him to the store and so they didn’t get “the stuff.”  I stared in amazement. This may sound small, but I was heated. Why would you call me and ask what I needed and then come back with everything but that? Was he trying to set me off or was it a gender thing.

It really got me to thinking. Do men and women speak a completely different language? Is what they are hearing actually what is coming out of our mouths, or does it go through some kind of filter and translate differently when you have a penis? Just like the game of telephone, things always get translated wrong once it sifts through everyone, and so does the dialogue between men and women! Somehow it gets contorted and misconstrued. Maybe that is why some therapists think sex is the best way to communicate and get your point across. The language of love is the quickest and easiest way to communicate with your spouse, or maybe that’s just when you have their undivided attention. For me I’ve decided to have my most meaningful and influential conversations between the sheets and never, ever send my man to the store.

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