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Summer Sips

They say Sundays are best spent in your bikini sippin’ on a glass of champagne! While I couldn’t agree more, I like to mix it up every once in a while. Don’t you? From scrumptious bloody mary’s, that are an entire meal alone, to savory limoncello spritzers, I’ve rounded up five of my favorite cocktails that are sizzlin’ for poolside this summer!

 Skipped breakfast? No problem. This Bloody Mary is loaded!

 1 Lemon wedge

 1 Lime wedge

 2 oz Premium Vodka

 4 oz Tomato juice

 2 dashes Tabasco Sauce

                                         2 tsp Prepared horseradish

                                         2 dashes Worcestershire sauce

                                         1 pinch Celery salt

                                         1 pinch Ground black pepper

                                         1 pinch Smoked paprika

Pretty in pink! The ladies in your life will love the rosy hue of this Pink Mimosa.3oz. Pink Moscato Bubbly

 3oz. Pink Grapefruit Juice

 Sliced Strawberry (optional)

 Fill half a champagne flute (about 3 oz.) with Pink Moscato Bubbly and top it off with pink  grapefruit juice (about 3 oz.) and gently stir.

 Garnish with a sliced strawberry for added fun!

 A Peach Ginger Bellini is the perfect addition to your Sunday brunch menu!

For the ginger simple syrup:

 1/4 cup sliced fresh ginger, with skin

 2 cups granulated sugar

 2 cups cold water

 For the peach puree:

                                        10 ounces semi-frozen peaches

                                       1/2 cup ginger simple syrup

                                       For serving: Ice cubes, 1 bottle Champagne

 In the mood for a refreshing beverage? Try this Limoncello Spritzer!

 3/4 to 1 cup crushed ice

 1 lemon wedge

 1/2 cup club soda, chilled

 1 ounce vodka

 1 ounce limoncello

 Last but not least, my famous Sangria recipe!

 Start with two bottles of a merlot or a nice spanish wine

 Add 2 cups of Stillhouse Moonshine or brandy if you don’t have moonshine

 Add 1 8oz can of dole sliced pineapples with the juice

 Cut up 3 oranges and 3 limes in wedges

 1 small bag of frozen peaches

                                       1 cup of pineapple juice, this should take the place of adding sugar

                                      But it’s a taste and see type of drink,  so if you need it sweeter add 1 cup of sugar

                                      Best if made the night before!

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